Insight On Starting Your Own Email Blast


3.5"x2" Business Card Template

Many people who collect emails have them all piled in a note on their phone, or just written down on scattered pieces of paper that eventually turn up missing. In this industry connections are everything, but how is it beneficial to you if you can’t remember how to get in contact with them or even remember who they represent? This is where an “Email Blast List” will come into play helping you keep track of what is important.
  • Building Connects
    Keep note of everyone you come in contact with because you never know when you might need their services. Get the basics; name, business, their position, email, number if willing to give, and their rates if they have any. Take a business card or two just to reference back to for further information. It’s all about collecting good information that will be useful and worthy of plugging into your email blast list.
  • Know Details
    Nothing is far more aggravating than getting half the details necessary. When networking with people you want to get specific information that will further help you in determining how they will be useful to you. Don’t be afraid to ask probing questions for people to elaborate on specific things. You asking questions gives them the mental green light that you are paying attention, and that you are truly interested. Most importantly it allows you to create side comment notes within your email blast list or as a mental reference.
  • Obtaining A Good Dashboard/System Structure
    This is a critical part of developing your email blast list, because this is how you will store information. You want something reliable and that can be easily accessible. You don’t want to pick anything overly complicated either. I recommend starting out with a free account on MailChimp. It allows you to store information by collecting email, name, rating your consumers, know who is opening the emails, and much more. (For more information on what MailChimp offers, explore their features page.)
  • Stay Up To Date
    Frequently check in with your connections to see if any of their information has changed. Often times people will change their emails or their names, so on a quarterly basis (what I recommend) do a bit of research to verify if all the information you have is still accurate. If it is, no need to make change, but of course if something has altered make sure you update it within your list.

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