Skypp “Jaffe 2: Inspired By” (Album Review)

Highlights: Lyricism, Concept, Profanity Free (Granny can listen!)


“Everything I write is inspired by a certain conversation, moment, person/group of people.” – Skypp

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Skypp – An Indiana raised emcee with a background full of life’s most challenging lessons, first captured my ear with the project “Sophisticated Street Music” back in 2012. Five consistent years into following rare artistry, Skypp distributes yet another transparent body of work that I can’t see myself setting aside any time soon. “Jaffe 2: Inspired By” not only is a great listen, but was ingeniously thought out to create a direction that paid homage to where Skypp pulls his inspiration from.

“Jaffe 2: Inspired By” is the succession of album “Jaffe” released in 2016. The word Jaffe is the last name to Skypp’s late best friend, who continues to shed light on his growth. The album featured singles “Bottled Water”, Horns & Halos”, and my personal favorite “Jaffe”. Compared to previous releases, this album is no different in substance as Skypp openly discusses situations that have molded his selfdom. The Jaffe 2 portion of the title is self explanatory, however the meaning behind “Inspired By” is what truly makes this album stand out. Skypp created a post on Instagram explaining the concept of the new album. Each song was birthed from either a conversation, person, moment in time, or a group of people.  While he leads with the relative point of view from “Beneficial”, he follows up with “Dilemma” which I believe to be what his supporters really need to digest. The only true way to know how the inspiration ties in, is for a thorough listen to each track.

Prior to manifesting into a profanity free recording artist, Skypp was inspiring and entertaining with little to no filter. “Dilemma” not only addressed his #SkyppSaturdays series and its means to an end, but why he truly stopped using profanity in his music. In a “question and answer” lyrical format, he touches on the raised questions and speculations behind his actions. As music consumers, there is always the reason we assume and then there is the true mentioned or untold reason. This fan inspired track shades the assumptions while going in depth on the actuality. The album in its entirety is proof Skypp can still deliver no different than his debut explicit album, just with a better choice of words that can touch more ears.

“Beneficial” is the opening track on the album, and was the single of choice to introduce the vibe. Produced by Zero The Composer, the instrumentation was greatly put together to compliment the lyricist’s flow. It highlights the common scenario of having close friends, and associates support you until it is no longer beneficial on their end. What I enjoyed most about this release, was the visual that came with it. The video shows Skypp putting on a watch, but alongside telling time, as he comes in physical contact with people it reveals to him just a little bit more. Positive thoughts, negative perspectives, and consideration of disapproving actions.

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Visit Skypp’s website for more information and music. “Jaffe 2: Inspired By” is on iTunes, TIDAL, Spotify, and Google Play now.

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