The Legendary Fya Man Discusses Latest Work And New Emmy Award

Formerly one half of the unique duo, The Guys, The Legendary Fya Man has hit the ground running solo with no intention of slowing down. Raised on Chicago’s South Side neighborhood known as the “Wild 100’s”, his notoriety was developed from the impact he had on helping birth the Chicago Drill movement. Fya started producing “Juke Music,” or Ghetto Tech and Rap beats at his mother’s apartment in 2006 and from there went on to collaborate with producers such as Young Chop, DJ l, Snapback, and Smylez. Fya has also produced tracks for Lil Durk, Tink, Jojo, and Soulja Boy, and performed with acts such as Jim Jones, Lil Wayne, Fetty Wap, King l, and Trey Songz.  Recently, Fya Man accomplished an Emmy for his appearance in CNN United Shades of America show. In his apperance, the host sat down with several Chicago natives to discuss the inner city violence, and what can be done to break the youth from the cycle. Fya Man is not only making an impact within his music, but by also giving back to his city in a time of need. In a recent interview, he touches on the impact of the Emmy, and his recent work on Vic’s album.

PG: You recently picked up the title “Emmy Award winning…”. How was it winning an Emmy for CNN United Shades of America?

Fya: The show was about gangs, and violence in the city. Where I come from, it is a cycle. The point of the show was to talk about that cycle, and how to break it. It was great being able to give back, and to also discuss what really goes on in the city. I always want my music to have meaning, and to be able to add action makes it better.

PG: You also just wrapped up working on Vic Mensa’s album “The Autobiography.” How was the experience, and what did you take away from it? 

Fya: Working on the album was a learning experience. It was a good chance to showcase my creativity and what I bring to the table. With this project I was able to see the process of rolling out an album. It also increased my discipline and work ethic. Sometimes you want to sleep, and you have to tell yourself don’t fall asleep because you have to get things done.

PG: Compared to the first album you worked on which was Lil Durk’s “I’m Still A Hitta”, how have you grown as a creator? 

Fya: The growth has come from finding balance. I used to come from left field with ideas, and I still do. After the work and practice, I still come from left field but it is more seasoned and comfortable.

PG: What is next to come? 

Fya: More projects and collaborations of course. I am currently working on something with Sevyn Streeter now. I am also going to be getting my YouTube channel off the ground. I appreciate everybody I have worked with thus far, but I want to create a platform under myself. It will be a creative digital platform that will have a mixture of entertainment. There has not been a set date of when the content will start coming, but follow the channel and be on the look out.

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