Dallas R&B Singer Thaddeus J Talks Latest Single “Killer”

R&B vocalist Thaddeus J is a fresh face to the industry hailing from Dallas, TX. The singer/songwriter has been using his voice as an instrument since the age of 3, and putting pen to pad since he was 11. He contains unique qualities, and implements them into his music to set himself apart from other creators. He recently released his latest single “Killer”, and we had the opportunity to discuss the development and creation of the record.

PG: What is production concept behind the song? From the instrumental to the composition.

Thaddeus: As far as the production concept goes, we wanted to create a chill laid back vibe. A vibe such as when people get high and just start talking shit because they feeling good (lol). Now I don’t smoke but I felt that was the necessary vibe to create for this song. The beat starts off with sounds imitating rain,to create the calming sensation from the jump. Then the beat creeps in and you get your wave crashes from the kick and snare. Many people turn on oceans sounds to create that relaxing environment. This is what we tried to replicate throughout the beat. A Chill,coasting, outer body experience. We achieved just that! My lyrics complimented the instrumentation  well. My lyrics and rhythms fit the beat like a glove. The beats fills in the gaps of my lyrics and they just flow!

PG: Explain the direction behind the concept of the song and where the inspiration came from.

Thaddeus: The concept behind “Killer” immediately came to me when I heard the beat. I instantly thought of an Anti-gold digger anthem. The modern-day reality TV women appears to be a role model for the millennial women. They pursue men who can provide a lifestyle that they desire, with no intent of truly being with them. They use them to get what they want with no feelings attached. They don’t seek what most women look for in a relationship which is the mental, spiritual, intellectual, and physical. There focus in the monetary gain. She uses her body, looks, tight clothes, as a weapon to manipulate the man. She knows that most men a prideful in their woman’s appearance, so she plays that role. She’s killing the man and he doesn’t even know it. She’s a weapon of mass destruction; she’s a killer.

PG: I drew inspiration honestly from the beat itself. As an artist, most know and realize that a song can’t be forced. Me personally I allow the beat to speak to me and guide be through each section of the song. When I heard the beat, I started mumbling words and a story line sufficed. It just so happened to be one that most people see from watching reality TV.

PG: What is your favorite line from the song?

Thaddeus: “ She chasing them checks with no type of intentions, got dirt in my eyes she done fucked up my vision ”. This line is going to go over a lot of people’s heads. It’s my favorite line because it’s so clever and witty! Being in a relationships with someone who you’re starting to notice is only there for the money is something that’s hard to deal with, especially when your feelings become strong for that individual. They can only see the monetary value in life, in which that is the only thing they are pursuing out of the relationship. If they only knew that by supplying me, you, or whomever withLove, Attention, and Affection, that I’d/you’d make the impossible possible. They would be financially sound and then some! They’ve ruined all of these things from happening due to gold digger tendencies.

PG: What else is to come following this record?

Thaddeus: Right now I’m getting ready to start the recording process for my next single. It’s absolutely amazing! I’m going to give the world a different side of me this go round. It’s definitely a relationship record that many people will be able to relate to for sure. I’m putting together an album that may release sometime this year. No date set in stone as of yet. I’m writing for artists and producers right now, just getting my name out there. I have a single that I wrote for an artist by the name of Mandell called “Found Love” that drops January 26th. It’s a dope pop record that has all the potential in the world.  Greatness is to follow this record! I won’t stop until the world knows who Thaddeus J is!

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