Swurv Radio


Who are we?
The dictionary refers to a radio station as a broadcasting organisation that has several transmitters and receivers that are used for radio communications. Where’s the fun in that? We’re not a radio station. Radio stations are dead. Long live the feeling in your gut when “your song” is on and the voice over the air that get’s you to 5 o’clock. Long live free Djs. Freethought. Radical delivery. Indy Artists. Long live the jam. Long live uncut, untethered, pure Hip Hop and R&B. 24/7. We’re not a radio station, but you know that already. We’re not music, either. No, we’re the music. We are 25 Djs. We are 130 countries. We are the sounds from 6 to 6 am & pm. We are listeners in Brazil. In Italy. In Queens. In Philly. In Spain. Africa. We are the premier internet based, forward thinking, innovative sound machine that is SwurvRadio.com, responsible for the award winning production and delivery of the most highly recognized and regarded little engine that could. And still does.

How Do We Do it?
Close your eyes and imagine 25 critically acclaimed artists from all points, all over the world. Submission of weekly mixes with no communication amongst themselves. All of them from varying backgrounds and naturally, different styles and tastes. Now, consider SwurvRadio.com not telling them what to play based on some sponsor somewhere. This is how the music happens. We want SwurvRadio.com to exist as the purest representation of its listenership. The majority of our DJs are not only artists, but have lived past lives as music producers, journalists, photographers, emcees, and designers within the industry. So, guess who’s DJs are able to secure guest spots by some of your favorite artists, bands, and talking heads? Our perspective, insight, and dedication to being a part of the music, entertainment, and news you hear is unparalleled. As is our diversity, by design and DNA.

Why Do We Do it?
We all love the big names. The huge commercial successes. Sure, but have you ever felt as though you discovered an artist nobody’s heard of and have the thought “why aren’t they on the radio?”. We have too. We do it because we enjoy blasting the biggest names in Hip-Hop and R&B just as much as “indie” artists whose listener ship and viral exposure we can take an active part in. Bottom line, we want to bring you the best of what’s out there. If we couldn’t commit to that, we’d probably just be some radio station somewhere, when what you really wanted was the music.


*We offer a wide range of opportunities for indie artists to become a part of including interviews, website features, online radio rotation, plus more! Want to unlock some of the possible opportunities Swurv Radio offers? Contact China at promogoddess@swurvradio.com*